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Real-Life Examples: Successful Digital Campaigns


Real-Life Examples: Successful Digital Campaigns

A successful advertising campaign holds immense significance in today’s competitive business landscape. It serves as a powerful tool to create brand awareness, reach target audiences, and ultimately drive sales and business growth. One such exemplary campaign is the case study promotion by Moleaer through YouTube Ads.

Who is Moleaer?

Moleaer is a company that develops generators with nanobubble technology on an industrial scale which provides extraordinary improvements in water treatment without chemicals, ideal for agricultural use and helps the recovery of natural resources.

What was Moleaer's challenge?

Moleaer is an international company with a large customer base all around the world. They generate a lot of quality content for their audience and want to get it out to their ideal customer in Latin America.

Moleaer’s main challenge was to give the correct us for the case studies and other technical content they create through digital channels.

Moleaer needed to effectively convey everything related to its nanobubble equipment, like: 

  1. Challenges faced by the customer before using Moleaer equipment.
  2. Benefits of nanobubble generators.
  3. Before and after shots of using the generators
  4. Close-ups of how they have improved grower’s crops.
  5. The grower’s opinion and experience with Moleaer’s equipment as well as his recommendation.

Zoo Inc.'s Solution

The Zoo Inc. Agency team held meetings with the company’s International Marketing Director to decide what would be the best strategy to promote Moleaer’s case studies. 

We decided that the best way to distribute Moleaer’s the content would be on YouTube through Google Ads, which would allow us to reach a global audience and increase online visibility in an effective way. In this way, advertising on YouTube allows us to select the target audience in a precise and segmented way, which lets us reach the people who are really interested in Moleaer’s products or service and generate qualified leads.

To effectively promote the Moleaer case studies on YouTube, we performed the following tasks: 

  1. Defined the objectives and target audience.
  2. Created an engaging and relevant video to capture viewers’ attention.
  3. Selected keywords that fit the brand.
  4. Established a budget and defined the duration of the campaign.
  5. Set up and launched the campaign on the Google Ads platform.
  6. Zoo Inc. performed constant monitoring and made the necessary adjustments throughout the campaign.

The results

The campaign on YouTube through Google Ads had excellent results.
+38.7K more than usual |+250 hours of viewing | + 130 new subscribers to the channel | + 1M impressions


In conclusion, the campaign to promote Moleaer’s case studies through YouTube was a complete success, getting the attention of the public in the main countries of Latin America where the brand has presence, such as Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Chile and Colombia.

The good results allowed us to gain the trust of Molear, so after this campaign, all the case studies of the company were promoted through YouTube with the help of Zoo Inc. Agency.